Generator Services


Now is the time to protect your family and prepare for power outages

We are Rockbridge County’s number 1 source for Generac automatic standby generators. We offer sales, turnkey installations, warranty and non-warranty , annual maintenance, parts and more. We are the area’s only authorized service dealer with a factory trained technician ready to serve you. We also offer service contracts to make sure your Generac generator is ready when you need it most. Call us today for a free consultation. (540) 463-6020. 


Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance will ensure your unit is ready when you need it most. Our annual service includes oil and filter change, new air cleaner, new spark plugs and diagnostic and functional test. Call (540) 463-6020 to schedule your appointment. 


Why Annual Maintenance is Important

A generator is something often kept in case of emergencies. You won’t be using it every day, or even every year. Because of this, it’s easy to install one and think that you can ignore it until you need it. This isn’t the case, however. Just like any emergency supplies, your generator should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that it remains in good condition. The last thing you want is to have your generator break down in an emergency situation. Let’s examine some of the ways that regular generator maintenance can benefit you. 


The whole reason that you install a backup generator is for peace of mind. You want to know that when you need it, you can rely on your backup generator to provide power to vital systems in your home. The problem is that for most of the year, the backup generator just sits there doing nothing. This increases the likelihood of the generator developing issues that will only become evident when you try and use it.

You’ll also want to have a professional check the electrical lines between the generator and the house on a regular basis. Damaged or improperly installed connections can lead to electrical surges, which can damage home appliances and make matters worse.

Regular maintenance checkups ensure that your generator is in fine working condition, so that it will perform properly when you need it. Make sure to have a professional check your generator at least once a year before storm season.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual generator maintenance yet, call JD Electric, LLC. Contact us to find out more about our available generator services today.